Heart of Darkness


Trust me.

Nobody has died from this book yet.  You won’t either.  And I think you’ll find when it’s all over with that while you may not have liked the experience, you definitely have grown from the experience.  But you must trust me to get you there in one piece.

Daily Assignments

Grove of Death Assignment

Grove of Death Passage

This is my example — from the “One of the Dark Places” passage.

Template Worksheet

Major Essay Assignment

Heart of Darkness Major Essay

Theme Ideas


Older Stuff

Heart of Darkness Annotation Assignment

Background Handout

Click below for Chinua Achebe’s article denouncing this book as “racist.”  It’s not something we can ignore, but neither is it clear cut.  I urge you to READ IT and THINK ABOUT IT.

Chinua Achebe — An Image of Africa

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Drama Independent Study

Drama Independent Study

Drama List

Since we do not have enough copies of No Exit, you can click below to access a pdf.  DO NOT just press “Print.”  There are 4 plays in this pdf, and the document is 157 pages long.  Just access No Exit.

No Exit Text

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Current Six Weeks Calendar

Check FREQUENTLY for calendar updates. Last updated 10 January 2017

4th Six Weeks

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Check here before you ask for a recommendation

Guidelines for Asking for a Recommendation

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Basic Style Guide

MLA Style Guide

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Useful Class Handouts

Click on these titles for documents we use in class.

JHHS Literature Toolbox  The BLACK FOLDERThis is your one-stop-shop for all the general “How-To” handouts we use in class.  Check here first.

D2M Factoring Chart

Literary Analysis — Seeing the Parts

Literary Reduction Organizer

Literary Reduction 2   This is a Word file that you can type on (if you can access Word.)

Proofreading Marks (Look here to decode the marks I make on your papers.)

Course Expectations English 1V AP


Mentorship Six Weeks 4

Recording Mentor Hours

Mentor Contact Log

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