Columnist Assignment

Don’t forget the reason I’m asking you to do this:  We as a species cannot abandon our ability to think and reason in a civil manner.  I want you to hear the language of intelligent discourse.

Columnist Assignment Six Weeks 1

The link below will take you to a long but really good article in Time magazine.  Read it.

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

The article does include a video that contains bleeped words that are offensive.  If you want to read the article without the video, click below.

Internet Trolls Time Mag

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2016-2017 Summer Reading

Click below for the Summer Reading Assignment:

Turner Summer Reading 2017

Lord of the Flies Study Questions

Characterization Journal


Below are some other documents you might want to take a look at:

AP English 4 Reading List

AP English 4 Supplies

Annotating a Text

Senior Info Letter 16-17

Senior Reading Contract

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Current Six Weeks Calendar

Check FREQUENTLY for calendar updates. Last updated 19 August 2016

Six Weeks 1

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Check here before you ask for a recommendation

Guidelines for Asking for a Recommendation

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Basic Style Guide

Basic MLA Style Guide

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Useful Class Handouts

Click on these titles for documents we use in class.

JHHS Literature Toolbox This is your one-stop-shop for all the general “How-To” handouts we use in class.  Check here first.

D2M Factoring Chart

Literary Analysis — Seeing the Parts

Literary Reduction Organizer

Proofreading Marks (Look here to decode the marks I make on your papers.)

Course Expectations English 1V AP



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