Research Assignment

AP Research Project 2016

Remember that EACH person in the group must submit TWO articles with a precis for each one.  This assignment is a MAJOR GRADE  and is individual, not grouped.  I’m also including the grading rubric.  Make note of the point values for each component.

Precis Example

Film Bibliography Example

Preliminary Research Grade Sheet

Below is an example proposal:

Film Proposal

You will follow the proposal with a list of films you plan to study.

Remember that you must use a FOLDER WITH POCKETS to turn everything in.  Don’t get yourself a late penalty because you didn’t read the directions.

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Remember that your goal at this point is just to get the plot basics — who does what to whom — without worrying about what it “means.”  The study questions below will let you know what’s going to be on the quizzes and what parts of the play will be important as we study it.

Hamlet Study Questions

Remember also that plays are a VISUAL medium — they weren’t meant to be read like novels.  So if you can catch a production, that’s much better.  The link below will take you to the PBS “Great Performances” production starring David Tennant as Hamlet.  It’s pretty good.

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Current Six Weeks Calendar

Check FREQUENTLY for calendar updates. Last updated 14 October 2016

Six Weeks 2

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Check here before you ask for a recommendation

Guidelines for Asking for a Recommendation

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Basic Style Guide

Basic MLA Style Guide

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Useful Class Handouts

Click on these titles for documents we use in class.

JHHS Literature Toolbox  The BLACK FOLDERThis is your one-stop-shop for all the general “How-To” handouts we use in class.  Check here first.

D2M Factoring Chart

Literary Analysis — Seeing the Parts

Literary Reduction Organizer

Literary Reduction 2   This is a Word file that you can type on (if you can access Word.)

Proofreading Marks (Look here to decode the marks I make on your papers.)

Course Expectations English 1V AP


Mentorship Six Weeks 2

Career Project:

Talking to Others

Career Speaking Task

Millennials need to get real about work world

Links to Millennial Articles

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