So much of what we do in class is aimed at analyzing the play and putting our English skills to use — because this is, after all, AP English.  But Billy (that’s “Mr. Shakespeare” to you) would NOT approve of our slogging through his plays only looking for literary elements. So I hope you’ll try to keep in mind that I want you to find some HUMANITY in this work, to identify in some small way as a human being with what we’re doing.

ADDED 30 NOVEMBER Use as desired for writing the essay:  Meaning of the Work as a Whole Choices

Below are the final scenes we’re discussing. I did not post anything from Act 5.2.

Literary Analysis Essay Topics

  • Scene Handouts
    Added 2 December, these are my personal notes on the scenes we analyzed.  As usual, there is more information here than you can use, but you’re welcome to use whatever fits your topic.


Remember that plays are a VISUAL medium — they weren’t meant to be read like novels.  So if you can catch a production, that’s much better.  The link below will take you to the PBS “Great Performances” production starring David Tennant as Hamlet.  It’s pretty good.


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Current Six Weeks Calendar

Check FREQUENTLY for calendar updates. Last updated 17 November 2016

Six Weeks 3

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Check here before you ask for a recommendation

Guidelines for Asking for a Recommendation

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Basic Style Guide

Basic MLA Style Guide

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Useful Class Handouts

Click on these titles for documents we use in class.

JHHS Literature Toolbox  The BLACK FOLDERThis is your one-stop-shop for all the general “How-To” handouts we use in class.  Check here first.

D2M Factoring Chart

Literary Analysis — Seeing the Parts

Literary Reduction Organizer

Literary Reduction 2   This is a Word file that you can type on (if you can access Word.)

Proofreading Marks (Look here to decode the marks I make on your papers.)

Course Expectations English 1V AP


Mentorship Six Weeks 3

Leadership Project:

My Board of Directors


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